easy slim and sassy recipy for a body wrap

{beauty hour}: Slim & Sassy Body Wrap

I'm not a big believer in losing weight fast, without proper diet & nutrition, healthy lifestyle, daily exercise and etc. Losing weight fast is not sustainable and can do more harm than good to your body and health. Besides, I don't…
holistic approach for mood and emotional issues
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{Webinar with Dr. Paul}: Mood arise between mind, body & spirit!

Each component of who we are is interwoven with every other part, and each impacts and influences the other. Our physical, emotional and psychological health are all impacted by the stress and pollution that surround us. So often we turn…

{FAMILY}: How to Use Essential Oils with Kids

I'm getting a lot of questions about essential oils and kids. The most common questions are: Is it safe for my baby? How should I apply oils? Do I need to dilute them before applying on my child? Therapeutic grade essential oils, from the…
muffin recipe with essential oils

{COOKING}: 10 Tips for Baking with Essential Oils

I use essential oils every single day in my house. From making skin care product, creating organic weed killer, cooking with oils, purifying air in my car, consuming oil products for detoxification, using oils for my pets’ health to producing…
doterra wild oil
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{LEARNING ABOUT EO}: Wild Orange Essential Oil

WILD ORANGE – I LOVE wild orange. It always elevates my mood! Just add 1-2 drops on your palms, rub the palms and breathe!